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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Harry Potter's Star Grint Talks About 'Bragging' Lindsay Lohan

HARRY POTTER star RUPERT GRINT has ruled out moving to Los Angeles to boost his movie career - in fear of meeting party girls LINDSAY LOHAN and PARIS HILTON.The 19-year-old actor isn't keen on moving to Hollywood after a fraught meeting with the Mean Girls star left him disappointed by her egotistical boasts.And the British star has no intention to hook up with Lohan's former party pal Paris Hilton either.He says, "I met Lindsay last summer and she talked about herself a lot. She said she was going to win an Oscar before she turns 25. I just kept thinking, 'But you can't act'."I haven't met Paris and don't want to either. She and Lindsay are the type of girls you need to stay away from."

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