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Monday, May 12, 2008

Wow ! Mark Hutchinson Grabs Jk Rowling's boobs

J.K. Rowling looked stunning when she attended the British Book Awards to pick up a Lifetime Achievement Award. The problem she had was that her neckline was plunging a little more than she might have intended. Hey, the woman has it so she might as well show it off. She struggled with it all evening, having to hike up her top from time to time. Then suddenly, her publicist, Mark Hutchinson, helped her with her modesty and got a handful.

The funniest part is his embarrassment over it. He declared he didn’t remember. Then he said he was going for the strap and never actually touched her breasts. Then he said it was probably the angle of the camera. Bloody hell man! Quit being so British. We see the look on your face. You loved it. Own it.

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